Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Visual Development for The Lost World - 3D Animation

The Lost World-3D Animation is an Independent Project by select students from Humber College's Multimedia 3D Animation Class of 2011 in which I was fortunate enough to be asked to contribute.

Below are warm up/concept/story sketches based on Alex Nikolaev's preliminary rough script. These are all representations only since designs haven't been finalized yet. I just gotta get my rusty drawing hand working again and out from hibernation:

In ancient times, when magic was all too real and demigods walked the Earth...great empires rose and fell.  One Great civilization developed so far, that it tapped into forbidden magic of the gods.  The gods were angered, and collapsed the empire.  The survivors were scattered, and their ways forgotten. But not by everybody...the remnants of the civilization still retained some traditions, and their Dark Templars were able to recover some magic.  The dominant civilization invaded the remnants. Thinking they had the advantage...Dark Templars rose to defend their tribes.  To be continued...

-tribal village is being attacked by barbarians (destruction ppl killed, etc..)
-Dark Templar is praying in the temple
-back to village, shows how thugs slip into the temple
-Thugs try to kill the Templar, but get overpowered
-Templar Exits the Temple, Voice-over: so much destruction..., its time to put an end to this!
-Templar summons ancient spirits

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